Palm Treo Pro Hands On: Definitely Not The Same Old Palm Phone

Palm's Treo Pro was announced today, and we just got one for ourselves. The most noticeable thing about it is how small and light and shiny it is for a Palm phone. As a comparison, it sits between the BlackBerry Curve and the iPhone in terms of size. Could this be the king of the WinMo phones?

It has a Centro-style keyboard, except bigger, and it feels good, but not great. The flush touchscreen is about as responsive as previous offerings and the 320x320 resolution looks bright and crisp. The 3G internet operates at full speed and call quality is nice and clear. Other features like GPS seem on par with that on the 800w, though Palm's own chat-style SMS interface is missing this time around. Palm is selling the phone without a carrier, opting for the unlocked route (win!). And like the Palm 800w, the hardware seems more than adequate to run WIndows Mobile 6.1. Check out the pics, and check back soon for a full review.